Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sakyant: The Powers of Bali Secret Tattoo

Sakyant was introduced to the people of Bali by the Khmer empire and features sacred geometrics, animal or deity designs which are believed to be accompanied by Pali phrases that acts like a talisman to the bearer of the mark giving some power, protection, fortune, charisma and other personal benefits.

Among famous celebrities who have sakyant tattoo designs on their body are Cara Delevigne, Angelina Joli, Brad Pitt and Steven Seagal.

Discover the secret tattoo of sakyant in Bali.  Just like how Angelina Joli got hers!
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Real Human Doll Body Art

The art of beauty comes in different forms and creatures.  As time goes by, we humans  have been obsessed to mimic what many are ideal and beautiful.  When we were young, our toys have not only become our companions and allies, for most of us, these toys have become our ideas, our alter ego, our obsession.  As we grow old, many of us would pattern ourselves into these stiff plastic and rubber images and make our images almost identical like them.


Probably, the most adored marvel comic character of all times.  Millions of people around the world have imagined themselves as Clark Kent and becoming Superman.  The comic series have even invented a gender counterpart to go with the clamor of the opposite sex - Superwoman.  But, in this world where male dominance is a culture, it overshadowed the role and Superman evolve on a greater scale regardless of gender and sex.  With different mediums in technology, people have achieved this level.  Among these mediums was the science of plastic and cosmetic surgery.  With plastic  and cosmetic surgery along with the aid of commercialism, the transformations has become a reality.  The obsession that many people have identified themselves ever since they were young have become close to perfection and reality.


If you asked any little girl around the world, who their very dear and best friend is. You will probably get 'Barbie'  as an overwhelming answer.  No matter what race, color or culture, Mattel, the maker of Barbie have dominated every market in all corners of the  world.  Many girls and even transgenders have sealed their hearts and loos for a barbie-look a like. Barbie, to many girls and women was the epitome of a perfect beauty.  And many would love and die just to have that doll like looks from head to toe.  Any counterpart is a real misfit.  Barbie rules the ideal beauty of the female gender.

Human Dolls

When doll manufacturers made their products, they took patterns from the ideal looks of certain human like concepts and engrave them into plastic and rubber molds.  The reason perhaps was to make their products to look more human like despite their lifeless nature.  But, it seems many humans have taken the path of the opposite enslaving themselves to become more like their lifeless counterparts.    

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Japanese Tattoo Treasures

One of the most fascinating body art were the themes about Japanese designs like this body art work tattoo of Japanese women and flowers particularly lotuses and cherry blossoms which are quite catchy to the eyes.  Such a lovely rendition of the art of tattooing.  Thanks MinYang for the share.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Self-sculpture your life to perfection!

Imagine yourself as art itself.  Your body as the medium.  Chipping every inch to perfection.  Smoothing out every rough corners and edges.

But that is really how we need to live our lives.  Life is an art.  Live your life to perfection and be the most wonderful creation!      

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Body Art: The Art of Adorning the Human Body

Body art.  Probably one of the oldest form of self adornment, branding and identification.  History reveals that body art has been in existence ever since man discovered his skill of marking his body unique and distinct.

The human body or any part from head to toe of  the human body as a medium of art can be adorned in many different ways such as tattooing, piercing, painting, shaping, coloring, scarring, implanting and even carvings or sculpting. But just like how things evolve, body art likewise levels up as the human mind becomes more and more creative and artistic. Creations goes beyond what the human mind can ever imagine.  Just like the amazing images below from Lee Griggs and Blake Little.